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Pletory transforms marketing in 3D that empower you to lead the way in an evolving world.

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Pletory replaces unreliable freelancers and expensive agencies with a monthly package, delivering AR Filters so quickly that you’ll be amazed.


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A member of our team accompanies you throughout the project.

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2.995ex. VAT / monthly

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    • One standard filter / month
    • Execution in 2D, 3D and code
    • Average 48 hour delivery
    • 3 revisions
    • Quality check & validation
    • Deployment on your socials
    • Dedicated Project Manager
    • Monthly statistics report
    • Easy credit-card payments
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Virtual try-on

5.995ex. VAT / monthly

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    • One virtual try-on / month
    • 3D product modelisation
    • Socials AR integration
    • Average 72 hour delivery
    • 3 revisions
    • Deployment on your socials
    • Monthly statistics report
    • Dedicated Project Manager
    • Easy credit-card payments
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7.000ex. VAT / monthly

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    • All the previous plan features
    • Select number of filters
    • All your creative dreams
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AR filters are an interactive and immersive experience where the real-world environment is combined with computer-generated media that alters what the camera sees on video or photo format.

Yes, we do create filters for those platforms.

Absolutely not. There is just one detail for us – filter creation software varies according to social media platforms. Some require more coding time than others to create a filter.

This is where our expertise comes into play. We analyze your audience, branding, and offerings, making connections between them. By comprehending these elements, we can pinpoint the preferences and dislikes of your audience. Subsequently, we construct a filter based on the themes they appreciate, ensuring alignment with your branding and message.

There exists a variety of AR filters and potential content, with some of the most popular categories being:

  1. Face filters: These involve layers of content overlaid on a user’s face, exemplified by classics like the bunny ears filter.
  2. World effects: Similar to face filters, these effects place content in the user’s surrounding environment using the rear phone camera, rather than directly on their face.
  3. Portals: These function as gateways to entire virtual environments that users can explore through their mobile screens. Users position the portal within their surroundings and enter through a virtual doorway.
  4. Mini-games: These filters, more intricate than face filters, allow users to engage in games by moving their face in specific ways that trigger gameplay. For instance, they might use head movements or eyebrow raises as part of the gaming experience.
  5. Fashion try-on: allow customers to try on your brand just using their phones. It allows you to see and interact with computer-generated elements overlaid on your environment.

The aim of AR filters is to craft a memorable experience that captures people’s interest and encourages sharing. Whether you’re an influencer or a large corporation, all brands stand to gain from incorporating AR filters. The effectiveness will hinge on your specific goals and existing levels of engagement. Crucially, you should have a clear vision that aligns with your brand identity and generates interest. Pletory is ready to collaborate with you in shaping a compelling and distinctive concept tailored to your brand. However, having an initial idea in mind will provide a foundation for us to enhance and develop. If you’re facing creative blocks, we can assist with ideation. Keep in mind that your ultimate objective should always be to foster genuine engagement and increase awareness through compelling content.

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