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For designers

The best way to protect & sell your 3D models

With Pletory, every 3D model has value. Start, protect, sell and get paid. It’s very easy. We take care of your talent.

Start selling

You know, all those 3D models you already have or all those great ideas you have?

We know they are super cool. We and the community believe in you.

Protect your intellectual property

We establish a property badge when you import your asset and our algorithms track models copied from the Internet.

No more prospecting

Work on tasks that match your skills and sell directly to registered designers or brands.

Focus on your design

Track your sales, export your invoices, all in just a few clicks. All products sold on Pletory are backed by our dedicated in-house service.

Get paid quickly

Real-time payment. Once the product has been sold, get paid as quickly as possible.

Dedicated 3D support

Our internal team is prepared to share their 3D expertise, address any technical inquiries, and support you in accomplishing the task.

Join a Tribe

Join a large community of freelancers through our events, hackathons and come work in our hub and Paris HQ.

Start selling

Sell your 3d designs.

Someone out there needs it.

Make your own creativity road

Whether you need freedom, balance, or flexibility, we help you 3Define your day. You don’t need to be a business expert or even know how to start a company. Just take what you know and sell it. We take care of the rest for you.

How to start getting more out
of your talent with Pletory


Step 1

Get on board

Create an account on Pletory if you don’t have one yet. Once logged in, provide samples of your work or take a quick test. If your skills match, you will gain full access to monetize your achievements.


Step 2

Get started

Got approved? You can start integrating your work into our system, nurture and continually work on your creativity.


Step 3

Get paid

We are a partner of Stripe, receive all your freelance earnings securely on a monthly basis.

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