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The avatar platform for the next gen of creators

Create & customize your unique avatar for social media, metaverse and games to create content.

Create my avatar I am a 3D designer

Try it for free, no credit card needed 😉

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Create avatars today for tomorrow’s world

The new digital identity to merge culture, fashion and gamification and create immersive content.
Step into the future with our avatars.

Create my avatar

Create an icon

Express your personality and creativity through an avatar that resembles you.

Engage your audience

Engage your audience in more gamife and interactive experiences.

Strengthen your image

Affirm yourself and become the coolest of the digital world.

Boost your engagement

Show your digital identity in a dynamic and enticing light through animations and videos

Powerful tools to express your personality easily

Create, edit, animate to share it on socials & digital worlds

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Select an Avatar

Select the character with which you will create content for your social networks.

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Customize it

In a few clicks, customize its attributes, animations and accessories.

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Confirm the rendering

Choose your preferred export format from among 5 platforms according to your strategy.

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Share everywhere

You are now ready to build a community and share your creation with. Give them emotions, and spread your creativity.

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Deploy your avatar on Socials, Metaverse & Games

Our avatars are not like others: editorialized, interactive and gamified, they serve as an original medium for your content.

Start a project

Create your own digital property

You are the boss, you decide what your new personality and story will be. Express it in 3D, in a way that is impossible in real life. This property will follow you wherever you go.

Access the capsule collections

Explore monthly drops of limited edition clothing items, exclusively available on Pletory. Our collaborations with top designers and fashion brands offer unique and drip pieces. Don’t miss out – we’ll notify you of the drop day and time.


Boost your social networks

We empower content creators to bring new energy to social networks, entertainment, and communities. By activating characters across the digital space, we’re building a new era of creativity and innovation.

Ready to get started? Start creating today.

Play with your creativity

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