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Frequently Asked Questions.

Support Team  

The name Pletory means “plethora”, like an overabundance of 3D elements and avatars.
The team wants to allow the new generations to have a new digital property to build the world of tomorrow with 3 key elements: entertainment, culture and engagement.
We put in the hands of the community the following elements:

  • A large library of high-quality characters and 3D elements to make content unique and memorable
  • An innovative customization interface, directly from our website, made by our tech team
  • Exclusive collaborations with the best designers and the hottest brands.
  • An evolution in rich and varied universes, such as applications and a metaverse.
  • A long-term vision, focused on the community, with a team ready to build the world of tomorrow.

We thought and realized the platform to make intuitive and playful the creation and the personalization of the characters in 2 steps:

  • Choose your avatar
  • Select items, clothing and accessories

We have prepared for you a detailed handbook that you can follow through this link

Each month, we will release a capsule collection limited to a few pieces. You’ll receive an alert telling you the time and day of the drop.

We are here to answer your questions from Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm.
You can contact us by email at the following address:

It depends on the drop and the brand! If it’s a physical collection, it will be mentioned on the platform.

Please verify that your purchase has been completed. If so, please refresh your browser and check the “purchased” section of your profile once again. If you continue to encounter issues, please contact our support team at
Please note that certain content and features may not be accessible to users in certain geographic locations due to legal, regulatory, or contractual limitations. For additional details, please refer to our Terms of Service, which can be found here. If you require further assistance, please reach out to our support team at

No, all items purchased are not refundable.

Once purchased, all digital items will be added to your avatar’s closet on the platform. They will be positioned as the first item in their respective category. For instance, if you purchase sneakers, they will be located at the top of the “Shoes” section.

You need to request a password reset on the login page. Then you have to check your emails to reset your password.

Sure! We are building the most beautiful community of designers.
Join the PLETORY Studio to become a verified creator and work with us : www.pletory/

Yes! Our avatars are interoperable.
Join the PLETORY Studio to become a verified developer and follow the process : www.pletory/

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